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1 Hebei Wanlida Metal Wire & Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

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This supplier has been inspected onsite by Bureau Veritas , a third-party verification agency. They offer Assessment Reports and Verified Videos. This gives buyers trust and authoritative information about suppliers.
Verified Key Strengths
9 years’experience
Our company was established in 2006. Currently, our clients mainly in Mid East,Africa,Eastern Europe. Hope to work with you.
annual output worths USD 5,220,000
With the leading technology and services, our products are well sold within China and overseas, and our annual output worths USD 5,220,000 .
2 QC technician(s)
We have 2 QC technician(s), and we have established strict quality control procedures and check systems.

Supplier Assessment Report(s)
Report-1  Period valid: Oct.2015 - Oct.2016
Audited by: Bureau Veritas

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Relationship With Gold Supplier:      Self-owned
Business Type:                                 Combined
Industry:                                            Iron
Product/Service:                               Galvanized Wire, Black Iron Wire
No. of Employees:                            51 - 100 People
No. of International Trading Staff:    11 People
Total Building Size:                           13846 Square meters
Office Size:                                       2000 Square meters
Export License Registration No.:      01743601
Annual Revenue(last year):              USD 5,220,000
                                                         To see revenue generated by region, please download and view the full report.
Annual Production                            Galvanized Wire, Black Iron Wire: USD 5,220,000
Capacity(Previous Year):                  For more details on this supplier's production capacity, please download and view the full report.
No. of QA/QC Inspector(s):              2 People


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TEL:  +86-318-7858881      
MOB: 18932800982
FAX:  +86-318-7858881     
ADD: The South OF Hongqi Road, Anping County, China

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